A local domain name is important

Nomensa reports that ‘the .co.uk domain name is now an essential part of a company’s brand presence in the UK’, according to research by Sedo (a global domain name marketplace, funnily enough). I’m not that surprised, really. For many global companies, for example, a regional domain name is a key part of their localisation strategy.Continue reading “A local domain name is important”

‘Thoughtful, investigative pieces don’t work on the web’

An interesting article on the Guardian’s website today. Aida Edemariam looks at the issue of search on the internet and how this influences online writing in contrast to offline articles. This, of course, links in to how content for the web must be structured differently in general. Unfortunately, she thinks it makes ‘depressing reading’, interpretingContinue reading “‘Thoughtful, investigative pieces don’t work on the web’”

Who are you writing for?

This is the first question all writers (should) ask themselves before putting finger to keyboard. When you know who you’re writing for, you can create an article that’s relevant and interesting – quality content for your readers. At the most basic level, online writers usually consider two main audiences – people and computers. Humans andContinue reading “Who are you writing for?”