Goodbye (for now)

That’s it. I’m hanging up my copywriting boots. I’m sad to make this decision, but also excited to make the most of what’s next. Lots of things have come together to finally bring an end to nearly eight years of freelancing.

One of the main practical reasons are the financial demands of the Spanish self-employment system, which makes it pretty much impossible to keep working on a low income (whether that be as a part-time worker or in a poorly paying profession).

Were I still in the UK, I’d probably still be able to keep working. But I’m not, so I can’t. So I’m going to accept defeat gracefully and make the most of this time (which is a complete luxury, I know) to focus on bringing up and enjoying our young family.

This is goodbye for now. Probably not forever, although I might return in a different form. Thanks for all your support and happy writing!

One thought on “Goodbye (for now)

  1. Dear Helen

    I just saw this……how are you??? Are you still living in Majorca??

    Best wishes


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