Fresh look, new service

The pressure to start the first post with a bang after a while away from the blog has had me sat here gazing blankly out of the window for some time. Having given up on that, I’ll just say: “Hi there.”

Following a few years spent raising my children and working as a content manager for a hotel here in Spain, I’ve been getting ready to return to freelancing as a web copywriter and, now, Spanish-to-English translator.

In recent months, I’ve completed several courses to develop new skills and build on my 13 years’ experience working with web content. These include courses on translation, content design and online marketing.

You might also notice that my website has a new look and tagline to better reflect what I offer: ‘Words that work for the web’. You won’t find many images on here because the words take centre stage.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll post reviews of some of the courses I’ve taken, as well as other useful information. Oh, and perhaps a little look at what life is like for a freelance copywriter and translator living in Mallorca.

It’s lovely to see you again.

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