Help your supporters to help you

If there’s a piece of information that you need from people contacting you, tell them on your ‘Contact us’ page. As a supporter of international development charity ActionAid, I’ve been receiving communications by post. I’d like to change my details and also get all materials by email instead, so I went to the charity’s UKContinue reading “Help your supporters to help you”

Expert interview: David Hamill, Good Usability

Many corporate websites are managed by a person or team for whom the website is not their only responsibility. They rely on expertise from third party suppliers for designing, building and maintaining their website. Companies with dedicated in-house online teams also sometimes lack a particular skill at a given time. Even with the combination ofContinue reading “Expert interview: David Hamill, Good Usability”

Mobile websites…or not?

Twitter has been buzzing about Jakob Nielsen’s latest Alertbox newsletter, in which he says: “To solve the problems [users experience on mobile devices], websites should provide special mobile versions.” My initial thought was that it makes sense in some cases. This is from the perspective of corporate, not e-commerce, websites, because this is where myContinue reading “Mobile websites…or not?”