How to write effective web copy

Your website must be well written, engaging and easy to find. Hiring a professional web copywriter to produce compelling text is, without doubt, a good investment — and one which will probably pay for itself with a single new piece of business. But if you’re planning to write the web copy yourself, read on toContinue reading “How to write effective web copy”

Help your supporters to help you

If there’s a piece of information that you need from people contacting you, tell them on your ‘Contact us’ page. As a supporter of international development charity ActionAid, I’ve been receiving communications by post. I’d like to change my details and also get all materials by email instead, so I went to the charity’s UKContinue reading “Help your supporters to help you”

How to delete a Facebook group

Want to delete a Facebook group that you created but can’t work out how? Here’s what you need to do – it’s straightforward once you know. Go to the page of the group that you administrate. Click ‘Edit members’ in the left-hand menu. Delete all members until it’s just yourself left in the group. ReturnContinue reading “How to delete a Facebook group”