Accent your accents

Smartphone showing Twitter hashtag #acentúate

If you’re writing on Twitter in Spanish, don’t forget to use accents in the hashtags. So says one of Fundéu BBVA’s latest recommendations to help speakers navigate the pitfalls of using the language online.

According to the foundation, many Twitter users don’t use accents (‘tildes‘) on purpose because they think either Twitter won’t accept them or users won’t use them in their searches (and therefore miss their tweet).

That’s not the case now: Twitter search tools have developed to recognise terms both without and with accents, so writing words correctly won’t create technical problems, but it will help to promote accurate spelling.

And, of course, avoid any confusion or stifled giggles. After all, ‘inglés‘ (English) and ‘ingles‘ (groins) are two very different things!

Read Fundéu BBVA’s post in full: Las etiquetas en Twitter, mejor con tilde.

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