Learn 1000 words…

…in another language. Yep, that’s the catch (if you see it as a catch, that is). Speak to the Future, the campaign for languages supported by organisations like the Chartered Institute of Linguists, has set up the 1000 Words Challenge.

They think it’s a realistic and achievable aim for everyone to learn 1000 words in a different language. You won’t be fluent but you’ll have a great head start for communicating in that language and enjoying the many, many benefits.

Speak to the Future: 1000 Words

I speak Spanish but I’m also learning German, which has a vocabulary I find trickier to remember. I actually set out to learn 5000 words on memrise.com, which has been very effective, although learning that many words is slow going!

So I’m going to add the logo to my website in support of the 1000 Words Challenge because I think it’s a great idea, especially in light of the falling languages uptake at all levels in UK state education.

Why don’t you give it a go too? It will only take about 10 minutes a day and then you can impress everybody in the office with your new-found linguistic talent! You never know, it could take you in new directions.

Happy learning!



2 thoughts on “Learn 1000 words…

  1. It’s one of those pesky motivation challenges isn’t it – you can have every intention of mastering a language, or just a certain amount of vocabulary, but you really have to stick at it. The ideal way is to be immersed in the country, language and culture and have no option but to get on with it, isn’t it!

  2. Hi Jo! My motivation comes in ups and downs, but I’m generally pretty good about it (once I’ve found a learning tool that works for me). That said, you’re completely right that full immersion is the only way to work towards a good level of fluency. All the little day-to-day interactions really help you to gain confidence and pick up new things almost without noticing.

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