Choosing a ‘green’ laptop

We all need to play our part in moving towards a ‘greener’, more sustainable lifestyle. This covers every part of our daily lives, including work. I’m in the market for a new laptop, so I’ve decided to try to go green and I’ve been researching my options.

I’m not a computer expert but I am technically minded, so I’ve been hunting down information that strikes a balance between the two. I thought I’d share these with you, in case they can help you too.

What I’m looking for

Firstly, my considerations:

  • I have a limited budget (as far as laptops go) but realise I might have to pay a bit more to meet the environmental standards I’d like (which, by the way, I’ve only identified by reading the following articles – my initial standard was, well, ‘better’).
  • The majority of my clients are corporate and are therefore using Windows. My new laptop needs to be compatible with the technology my clients use.
  • I don’t just want the ‘green’ offering from a company that’s targeting that area of the customer market. It’s no good if it otherwise falls down on its other products, or fails to be a ‘good corporate citizen’.
  • (Yes, it falls in with ‘corporate social responsibility’, which I know lots of people are sceptical about. But customer demand drives business strategy, and if this is towards a more community-focused one, then that’s a good thing in my mind.)

Sources of information

I don’t think these are too much to ask of a modern organisation. So, on to the sources I’ve been using to help me make my choice:

Trusting what I read

I’m not going to pretend that this is a particularly scientific piece of research, but I’m simply doing my best to make a decision based on the information available to me. I think this is how many members of the public would try to make their choice, and they’re the ones who will be buying much of the technology.

Do you know of any good articles or have any words of wisdom to share that will help me to make the right choice (for now)? If so, please share them below. Otherwise, stay posted – I’ll let you know which I decide on and my reasons why.

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