How to delete a Facebook group

Want to delete a Facebook group that you created but can’t work out how? Here’s what you need to do – it’s straightforward once you know. Go to the page of the group that you administrate. Click ‘Edit members’ in the left-hand menu. Delete all members until it’s just yourself left in the group. ReturnContinue reading “How to delete a Facebook group”

What makes a successful Facebook group?

When I logged onto Facebook this morning, I spotted that two of my friends had joined a new group. The group name caught my attention: ‘Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks!’. Curious (and slightly sceptical), I took a look. Creating a sense of credibility The group has a well-written description: InnocentContinue reading “What makes a successful Facebook group?”

Your life in their hands

Travel social networking sites have been around for some time now (some might say the market’s saturated), helping people to plan and write about their trips. The key element of many of these sites is helping people to meet up and make friends, as you would expect. A couple of brave souls have gone furtherContinue reading “Your life in their hands”

How to alienate your Facebook audience

Last night, I was searching for the Facebook ‘page’ and ‘group’ of a freelance PR and marketing networking website that I have a profile on. The website appears to be moderately successful, judging by the number of individuals listed. When I found the correct page and group, I was surprised to see that each hadContinue reading “How to alienate your Facebook audience”