Fix-It Friday (No. 1): Dulas

Fix-It Friday is a new series of posts where I show how a website page can be improved by applying a few web copywriting principles. My primary aim is to make visitors’ lives easier. Within just an hour, it’s possible to make a page more readable, accessible and search friendly. I also explain what elseContinue reading “Fix-It Friday (No. 1): Dulas”

Comic Sans as you never imagined

We all know that it’s not just what we write that’s important, it’s also how it looks. An inappropriate font can completely knock a message off course, rendering our communication out of touch or even invisible. So what personality would you give the fonts you use? Is Times New Roman a dependable, retired Colonel withContinue reading “Comic Sans as you never imagined”

Maintaining the tone in every contact

If your website’s main content has a consistent tone throughout, that’s great; but don’t forget those other points of contact with your readers or customers. This might be rarely needed web pages (such as the 404 error page) or following up on an order. I recently ordered a couple of t-shirts online from howies, andContinue reading “Maintaining the tone in every contact”

I’m not sure what you’re on about…

Nice rant in the newspaper recently about the art world’s inability to discuss its works in a way that normal people can understand. But as one poster so accurately put it: It’s not just the art field; it’s most fields. People should be able to express complex ideas plainly, but they confuse complexity of languageContinue reading “I’m not sure what you’re on about…”

Writer? Then you’ll know Muphry’s Law

Nope, it’s not a typo. But if you’re somebody who writes for a living you’ll more than likely be well acquainted with Muphry’s Law. Earlier this week was the first time I’d heard about it, but I found myself chuckling inwardly and nodding my head sagely. Muphry’s Law as defined by Wikipedia is: …an adageContinue reading “Writer? Then you’ll know Muphry’s Law”