‘Our people’, Pearson


Direct client

Pearson (UK, 2013)

What they said

“I have always enjoyed working with Helen and would highly recommend her. She is an excellent copywriter that quickly understands the brief and delivers high quality and refreshing copy. Her ability to get up to speed with a business and its tone of voice really stands out.”

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The brief

The ‘Our people’ careers section of the Pearson corporate website needed reviewing and rewriting to:

  • better target key groups of applicants
  • tell the company’s updated education story in a compelling way.

The project had two stages, which involved:

  • reviewing the existing careers section and looking at best practice elsewhere
  • writing new copy or refreshing the current text.

What I did

Stage one

  • Carried out an audit of ‘Our people’ and delivered a content inventory (which could be used beyond the project’s timescale) to detail what the section contained, how it was organised, how ‘good’ it was and where the content came from.
  • Reviewed other world-class careers sections to identify common and/or innovative content, any information gaps and other online channels employed for recruitment.
  • Provided recommendations in the form of a detailed sitemap/updated content inventory, as well as an overview of other possible channels.

Stage two

  • Prepared a revised sitemap based on the company’s objectives and findings from stage one.
  • Created content templates for each different page type.
  • Produced web-friendly copy in the corporate style, ensuring it was accessible, readable and optimised for both a global audience and search engines.

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