Deli-icious website, LSG Sky Chefs

LSG Sky Chefs

Direct client

LSG Sky Chefs (Germany, 2013)

What they said

“We were all so impressed by Helen’s copywriting that we hired (and are hiring) her again and again, even for offline projects like print brochures and writing style guides. Her remote set-up is highly efficient.”

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The brief

Catering business Fine Choice is an LSG company, which is part of the Lufthansa group based in Germany. One of its prepared food brands was Deli-icious, which retailers could use in a consumer-facing setting.

The company needed a simple one-page website for consumers to find information on Deli-icious products and contact details for feedback. The brand was being used by retailers and airlines in the USA and Chile.

What I did

  • Reviewed draft text supplied in Word, identified objectives and key messages, and proposed improvements.
  • Rewrote (in a more suitable tone) and formatted copy (body text, metadata such as description and ALT elements, navigation labels) using American English spelling.
  • Created a content template and produced ‘web friendly’ copy that was accessible, usable and optimised for both people and search engines.
  • Provided suggestions to improve the site’s usability, e.g. primary navigation layout.
  • Reviewed the version translated into Spanish to identify necessary edits (such as consistency in formal or informal voice).

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