Harvey and Rabbit

I love this advert. Maybe it’s because I have dogs and can recognise that very intent ‘think about me’ look.

But it makes me laugh and I’m hooked from the start because of the strong story line, and that’s what every piece of communication should do.

Set up a scenario that people (and not just dog owners) can identify with and then make them want to continue until the end.

It’s just a shame that not all TV adverts are as good as the one actually advertising TV, er, advertising. (I’m talking to you, perfume companies.)

However, there’s a touch of irony for me too. Harvey uses the TV to convince his owner to keep something old, treasured and a bit broken.

And I’m pretty certain that most adverts I see are trying to convince me to buy something new to replace things I’ve had for years and which still work perfectly well…

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