New community for copywriters

Copywriters serving the UK market now have their very own community: The Professional Copywriters’ Network. This is the brainchild (and product of much hard work) from copywriting agencies ABC Copywriting and Ben Locker & Associates.

I’m really happy to finally be able to join a community that truly represents professional, credible copywriters and the services that we offer. I’ve tried lots of different organisations in the past, but they’ve never really met my interests as a web copywriter very well.

The Professional Copywriters' Network

Being based in Spain, it’s sometimes a bit difficult to take advantage of all the events on offer. But I really hope to be able to take part at a distance (and occasionally in person) in this new copywriting community. And I’m looking forward to being part of promoting our skills and what we do.

So a big thank you to Tom, Ben and the rest of their teams!

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