Originality is underrated

This might seem like an obvious statement, but I’ve been mulling over this a lot today. I know I should write more regularly on this blog, but I’m finding it hard to think of things that nobody else has covered a million (okay, ‘several’) times before.

In this new world of web 2.0, ideas are created and shared faster and more regularly than ever before. Or, thinking about it, perhaps there are the same amount of ideas but they’re shared MORE?

Like any self-respecting web ‘professional’, I have a profile on the requisite hat trick of social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook). I also read a long (some might say out of control) list of blogs. Hey, I’m a copywriter; I like to read and I also like to learn.

While most of the blogs do seem to come up with new angles on the same ideas, Twitter, for example, only seems to share and not create them. It’s got to the point where several people I’m following all RT (‘return Tweet’) the same idea in the space of minutes. Are the same ideas being shared because they’re great or because there aren’t that many original ones?

So, while I’m fending off this bout of writer’s block (or blogger’s block?), I’ll just keep reading my favourite truly original blogs for inspiration…

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